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‘Cheerleader’ pose sheds bad light on TCU
An escort posing as a cheerleader on a Web site has school administrators and police looking into possible legal action.

By Angelica Rosas

TCU tries hard to sell itself, but not this hard.

An escort posing in a photo as a cheerleader atop the brick name plate on Stadium Drive has school administrators and police outraged. It was not clear if the photo had been digitally manipulated.

An e-mail was sent Thursday to school officials and the TCU Daily Skiff from someone claiming to be an alumnus expressing outrage over the photo. The e-mail had a link to an escort site where the picture was located.

“I think it’s totally inappropriate,” Chancellor Victor Boschini said. “I would most certainly not be in favor of a business making money off our good name, especially prostitution.”

The woman, who identified herself as a 21-year-old sophomore named “Sunny,” told a reporter she was not a TCU student and then immediately hung up the phone.
When Boschini opened the forwarded e-mail for the first time during a phone interview with the Skiff, he gasped. “This is horrible, this is horrible,” he said.

He said he was personally offended and immediately called Rob Ginsburg, of McDonald Sanders, P.C., the law firm which has served TCU for over 25 years.

“He contacted me because he found the use of the name and images of Texas Christian University in this manner highly offensive,” Ginsburg said. “He asked if this conduct gives rise to any claim under applicable law.”

Ginsburg would not comment further on what actions are being taken.

Detective Kelly Ham is leading the TCU police investigation. He said he has contacted “Sunny” and the company advertised on the site and given them a 24-hour deadline to remove the picture from the Web site.

“It is a violation of several laws and we are proceeding with an investigation,” Ham said. “We are considering the possibility of investigating criminal charges.”

Administrators and police called the Kelly Alumni Center to verify if the sender of the e-mail, who identified himself as Calderhan Squeeb, was in fact a member of the 1981 graduating class as was said in the e-mail. Lynda Hamilton, alumni relations administration assistant, said she told authorities that Squeeb is not an alumnus.

“It’s a trick from someone who wants us to open the e-mail,” Hamilton said. “This has never happened before.”

Don Mills, vice chancellor for Student Affairs, was also offended by the photograph’s connection with the school. He said the affiliation with the school is what is important. If the school were to take action, he said, they would turn it over to the school lawyer to place an in-court injunction.
Sunny, the escort
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This photo of an escort named “Sunny” depicts a woman atop the TCU sign near Stadium Drive. An e-mail link to the photo was sent to campus officials.
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