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New SuperFrog to be announced
Mascot hopefuls can expect a year of parades, pep rallies and football games if chosen to fill SuperFrog’s shoes.

By Angelica Rosas

One might think a mascot with chiseled abs would have to fight the ladies off with a stick.

But according to some who have stepped in SuperFrog’s shoes, its the kids who attack, and with only a four inch space to see out of, surprise attacks are common.

“It’s hard being SuperFrog because fans think you’re invincible with all those muscles,” said Jeff Tucker, head cheerleader coach. “The kids will come up and hit you because they think you’re real.”

Eight students auditioned Saturday to become one of the on-call students who cheer at most athletic events and the chosen students will be announced next week.

SuperFrog is easily the most recognizable reptile on campus and the most important, said Jeff Crane, assistant director of marketing.

Crane also told students to keep the identify of SuperFrog confidential. He said fans should be unaware that different students play SuperFrogs.

Students were instructed to project the image of invincibility while in costume. SuperFrog is known to execute muscle poses on command and give hi-fives to fans, Jeff Tucker, head cheerleader coach said.

Tucker warned of surprise attacks from excited fans. Since the head is attached, Tucker said being SuperFrog can be a painful experience with rough fans.

“You become Arnold Schwarzenegger the instant you put this on,” Tucker said. “You want to try to be as upbeat and motivated as possible, you are an ambassador for our school.”

Students who make the cut will attend football games, men and women’s basketball games and volleyball matches over the next year. They will also travel to away games and can appear on television if they give a good show on the sidelines, said Tucker.

“SuperFrog is the ultimate representation of TCU,” said Michael, a freshman journalism major. “He is one of the most unique mascots in all of college sports.”
Sarah Chacko/Photo Editor
Lindsey paints a picture with attitude, enthusiasm, pride and spirit as part of her tryout skit Saturday afternoon.
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