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Tuesday, September 17, 2002
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Film library reaches new milestone

The number of films and TV programs in the Gwendolyn P. Tandy Memorial Film Library reached 10,000 in May, said Roger Cooper, chairman of the radio-TV-film department.

Cooper said the size of the library’s inventory makes it one of the largest film libraries in the nation among universities. The collection includes films, TV programs, documentaries and instructional materials, he said.

Cooper said the library is very valuable to both the students and the teaching staff.

Cooper said the library is a great learning tool because the faculty can access any film or TV program and use it to teach their students. He also said students can study film or filmmakers they are passionate about or that they can just use the library for projects and classes.

He said students could not gain access to the library last year because it was limited to faculty only.

— Jill Meninger


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