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Thursday, October 24, 2002
Not human, but almost
‘Hal’ helps ease nursing students’ fears

With the help of a new human simulator, nursing students get real life experience without working on real life patients.

Nursing photo

Photo editor/Sarah McClellan
Senior nursing majors Jeanne O’Neil and Neal Mikes-Bogert work on the nursing department’s Human Patient Simulator, nicknamed “Hal.” The model can simulate human functions such as breathing, heart beat and bowel functions, among others.
Law school would increase prestige


TCU seems to think it is a great university.

It offers students a wide range of academic choices. It has some of the top faculty in the nation. Campus improvements continue to make life here more enjoyable. Students have won many awards. And graduates have gone on to succeed in their fields.

TCU not worried about possible sale of law school

An addition of a law school is a future possibility, not a current priority, Chancellor Michael Ferrari said. He said he wants to focus on undergraduate and graduate programs.

Saperston to share journey about life through film

Eric Saperston’s nine-year journey across the nation is chronicled in his film, “The Journey,” in which he highlights his opportunities to talk to influential people such as former President Jimmy Carter.

Memorial service to be held for emeritus professor

Use, limitations of sidewalk chalk debated on campuses

Men can avoid wrath of PMS by treading carefully

The only way to survive PMS is by sheer avoidance. Friends — especially male ones — should beware.
Sports Features
Fullback brings strength, good hands to team

Senior Reggie Holts stabilizes the fullback position, where he picks up blocks and receptions for the offense.

Football photo

Photographer/Ty Halasz
Senior Reggie Holts doesn’t get much recognition during games, but he makes the most of his opportunities as the starting fullback.


‘Formula 51’ an eclectic, must-see film

The artful combination of British and American humor and a stellar director make for a must-see movie.

Montigel: From the hardwood to the links

Women’s swimming and diving team lose opener

Men’s soccer team ties No. 17 Saint Louis in 2OT

‘The Ring’ touted as fall’s best horror film

“The Ring” intelligently combines elements of both horror and drama

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