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Friday, November 1, 2002

Entrepreneurs Hall short $5 million for equipment

The building will open on schedule in January, but the university will pay for its expenses out of the operating budget until the money is raised.


Student leaders voice concerns at Intercom

The heads of several major campus organizations gathered at an Intercom dinner aimed at pooling student ideas.

Conference to discuss women’s health issues

Student play nominated to go to regional contest

Pronounced prose

Photo editor/Sarah McClellan
Dave Kuhn, associate director of the William L. Adams Writing Center, reads a short story he wrote at a poetry reading Thursday in the Mary Couts Burnett Library Bistro. The event was part of the new Bistro Unplugged series..

Third parties should back up proposals

Students who are heeding the advice to “make your voice heard” by voting are probably finding that the lower-profile third parties such as the Greens or Libertarians would fit their political needs better than the Republicans or Democrats.

Opinions from around the country

A new documentary series hit the television airways Oct. 18. VH1’s “Music Behind Bars” profiles prison bands and the music program at state penitentiaries across the country. VH1, a subsidy of Viacom, “explores the redemptive power of music” and the impact it will have if these inmates are paroled.

TV ads are useless, where are the issues?

Core curriculum needs to include leadership training


Controversy is over: it’s Stilley’s job again

The debate over who will play at quarterback is now over as a result of Tye Gunn’s season-ending injury Wednesday night.


Cross country teams have fresh legs for Conference USA Championships

After nearly a month off from competition, cross country teams will compete in the Conference USA Championships.

Tye Gunn

Photographer/Simon Lopez
With redshirt freshman Tye Gunn done for the season with a knee injury, the quarterback job belongs once again to senior Sean Stilley

Volleyball needs two wins for postseason

After two competitive matches, the volleyball team travels north in hopes of solidifying a spot in the postseason.



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