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Tuesday, August 28, 2001

Class Act
Husker fans were excellent hosts

Memorial Stadium in Lincoln, Neb. is an intimidating sight on gameday. Thousands of fans decked in red and white stream into the venue chanting “Go Big Red!” and clapping to “Hail, Varsity.” Car windows bear threatening messages against the visiting team — Saturday even brought slogans such as, “Croak the Frogs.”

But it’s all just a show in the name of school pride. Nebraska fans are proud of their school, their team and their state. After the performance of the Husker fans at the Pigskin Classic, Nebraskans should also be proud of their class.

As soon as the realization spread through the crowd that TCU junior defensive tackle John Turntine was not getting up after a fourth-quarter play, silence fell across the sea of red. TCU trainers headed onto the field. Nebraska trainers followed. Then head coach Gary Patterson joined the crew. Finally, Nebraska head coach Frank Solich walked out toward the concerned staff.

At that point, fans in both red and purple removed their hats and bowed their heads.

No one in the crowd of 77,743 spoke or even moved. All eyes were on the field as trainers attempted to provoke reflexive movements in Turntine’s arms and legs. Binoculars were passed among the crowd, each fan seeking answers to the questions everyone was afraid ask.

Turntine was loaded onto a stretcher nearly 20 minutes after he went down. As he was carted off the field, thunderous applause erupted as fans stood in respect of the fallen player. The standing ovation continued until Turntine and the trainers left the stadium.

Thankfully, Turntine was not seriously injured. He even attended classes Monday morning. After the game, Nebraskans stopped TCU fans to inquire about Turntine’s health, to congratulate the school on a well-played game and to thank them for making the 650-mile trip.

The respect Nebraska fans showed our players and school is not only to be commended, but to be repeated. In three weeks, the Frogs will host Marshall. Show your TCU pride: wear purple, cheer loud, be respectful. Make Amon Carter Stadium a place visiting teams will remember.


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