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‘The Testament of Freedom’

David Dunai - Senior Photographer

Hundreds gathered in Broadway Baptist Church Tuesday for the Memorial American Concert dedicated to all who perished in innocence and in service during last week’s tragedy. Admission was free thanks to sponsorship by the Van Cliburn Foundation and Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra.

Today in history

1985 — In Mexico City
the first of two killer
earthquakes hit the city. Ultimately, nearly 10,000 people were killed.


Wednesday, September 19, 2001
TCU Daily Skiff

Graduating seniors to vote on commencement location
By Jacque Petersell
Staff Reporter

Graduating seniors may see a change in the way Spring Commencement takes place. An e-mail was sent to seniors and faculty last week by Patrick Miller, registrar and director of enrollment management, announcing two alternatives to the graduation ceremony and included a link to a survey where seniors could vote on the alternatives.

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Malls and media team up to help out
Local broadcasting and radio stations publicize and promote the fundraiser
By Kristin Delorantis
Staff Reporter

Many area malls are involved in fundraising efforts as a response to last week’s tragedy in New York City and Washington.

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Taliban prepared to declare holy war on U.S.
By Amir Shah
Associated Press

KABUL, Afghanistan — The hard-line Taliban said God would protect it if the world tried to “set fire” to Afghanistan for sheltering terrorist suspect Osama bin Laden, and in comments broadcast Tuesday also called on all Muslims to wage holy war on America if it attacks.
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Freshman minority enrollment down
By Sarah McClellan
Staff Reporter

The TCU admissions office is concerned about the reduction in minority enrollment for fall 2001, said Ray Brown, dean of admissions.
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Volunteer DJ upset after KTCU cancels broadcast
By Kristin Campbell
Staff Reporter

John Lamberth, former KTCU-FM (88.7) volunteer disc jockey and TCU alumnus, says he is still upset that his show, “Dead Air Radio” was canceled Aug. 20.

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Panelists talk about politics, terrorism
By John-Mark Day
Staff Reporter

The panelists on the “Understanding the Attack on America: Politics and Terrorism” forum Tuesday afternoon in the Student Center lounge told students, faculty and staff the importance of civil liberties which may decrease after last Tuesday’s terrorist attack.

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TCU Daily Skiff enters 100th year of service to university
By Chrissy Braden
Senior Reporter

Some things that survive 99 years are just old and out-dated.
The TCU Daily Skiff, which begins its 100th year today, may be old, but it continues to inform and challenge its readers, Chancellor Michael Ferrari said.
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Skiff staff pledges to carry on strong tradition of campus service

Welcome to the 100th year of Skiff coverage. The staff is proud to recognize this milestone in our newspaper’s history.
Throughout the years, the Skiff staff has worked to improve the look, readability and prestige of the newspaper. Our staff is no different.
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