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Desperately seeking Joe Dirt

By Yvette Herrera
Skiff Staff

A trash-eating 8-year old is abandoned by his parents at a Grand Canyon tourist stop and discovers life on his own. Now, grown up and working as a janitor, Joe Dirt (David Spade) has only one dream — to find the parents he lost or that lost him.

Joe’s mullet hairdo and acid-washed jeans only add to the humor in the movie. Although he befriends an odd, but amazing cast of characters, Joe still manages to tell a funny but touching story of his life.

He finds himself in Los Angeles, where shock-jock Zander Kelly (Dennis Miller) brings Joe on his radio show for an on-air interview. Listeners are hooked to what they hear and cheer Joe’s decision to find his parents.

An entire city tunes in daily to hear the adventures of Joe. Not long after, audiences worldwide join to help this unlikely hero uncover the mystery of his family’s disappearance.

The cast includes a high school janitor (Christopher Walken), an alligator trainer (Rosanna Arquette), the fireworks salesman (Adam Beach), the beautiful but untouchable Brandy (Brittany Daniel) and Kid Rock, who makes his feature film debut, as Robby.

From the producing team of the comedy “Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo” comes “Joe Dirt” about a janitor who has learned everything on his own.

Costume design played an equally important role in making this film. Five to 10 years out of date with his comical fashion choices, Joe’s outrageous retro-hair (a mullet) and ratty rock concert T-shirts contribute to his comical adventure.

“Joe Dirt” will be in theaters April 11.

The film has been rated PG-13 by the Motion Picture Association of America for crude and sexually-related humor and language.

Yvette Herrera



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