Wednesday, January 23, 2002

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1849 — Elizabeth Blackwell became the first female officially recognized as a physician in U.S. history.

1968 — The USS Pueblo was engaged in a routine surveillance of the North Korean coast when it was intercepted by North Korean patrol boats.

1997 — The day after her unanimous confirmation by the U.S. Senate, Madeline Albright was sworn in as America’s first female secretary of state by Vice President Al Gore at the White House.

Erin Munger/SKIFF STAFF Crystal Bennett, a sophomore Theater and English double major looks at the study abroad bulletin in the Sadler Hall basement Tuesday afternoon.

Study abroad stays stable
By Laura McFarland
Staff Reporter

For a short time after Sept. 11, Sarah Hollabaugh, a sophomore business major, considered canceling her plans to study abroad at la Universidad de San Luis in Madrid, Spain. Then she started researching the program’s safety measures and decided she wasn’t going to let fear keep her from having a wonderful experience, Hollabaugh said.
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Faculty e-mail criticizes proposed CUE
By Brandon Ortiz
Staff Reporter

In an open e-mail to TCU faculty, 15 professors called for a reevaluation of the proposed Common Undergraduate Experience because they say it lacks emphasis in the areas of humanities.
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4 students remain to make
By Jaime Walker
Senior Reporter

Three students were dropped from classes by the Registrar’s Office Saturday for failing to pay their minimum balances by Jan. 18 and have not made contact with the university, Controller Cheryl Wilson said Tuesday evening.
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Not traditional but not alone
Whether seeking a second degree or starting college for the first time, more and more adults are entering the world of higher-education, and at TCU it’s no exception.
By Jessica Sanders
Skiff Staff

TCU seems to represent the typical college life: a residential campus with lush green lawns, classical-looking buildings, fresh-faced students experiencing typical college life. But in the middle of this idyllic stereotype, there are some students who don’t fit the “mold.”
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Photo Illustration by Blair Busch
Brandi Smith, a 28-year-old junior elementary education major, finds time to study even with the responsibilities of a wife and mother of two, 6 year-old Kara (left) and 7-year-old Kayla (middle). “I have trained my body to function on little sleep,” Smith said. “I usually don’t even attempt to study until about 10 p.m.”


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