Tuesday, January 29, 2002

Raw Deal

Students pay more, receive nothing

The Board of Trustees has raised tuition for the upcoming school year yet again.
Surprise, surprise.
Students will have the joy of paying 8.7 percent more for tuition starting with the fall semester. This is an increase of $1,300 a year for flat-rate students and $1,050 a year for hourly rate students taking 15 hours a semester.

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Opinions from around the country

President Bush’s new welfare proposal will set aside $100 million for programs intended to get single mothers on welfare to marry. While the exact nature of the programs is not specified, the possibilities for economically motivated marriages are frightening.
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Board of Trustees value student wishes
By Chelsea Hudson
Skiff Staff

It started with hello.
I walked into the Dee J. Kelly Alumni and Visitors Center all alone into a room full of adults. These adults were not just anyone off the street.

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Airport rules extreme
By Sandy Stafford
Skiff Staff

While I realize this may be a tad on the unpatriotic side, I have two words to say about the current extent of airport security: Good grief.
I understand the need for heightened security, and I appreciate efforts to keep planes safe. But some measures are becoming a little ludicrous.

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USF actions incited by politics
By Jaime Walker
Senior Reporter

If Bill O’Reilly had not opened his big mouth there would be no need for this column.
Students at the University of South Florida in Tampa would not be gathered in the campus’ common areas calling for a faculty strike.

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