Friday, February 1, 2002

Berkeley closer to
eliminating SAT

High: 53; Low: 33; Partly cloudy

High: 57; Low: 32; Mostly cloudy

1788 — Isaac Briggs and William Longstreet patented the steamboat.

1929 — Weightlifter Charles Rigoulet of France, achieved the first 400 pound “clean and jerk” as he lifted 402 1/2 pounds.

1968 —The daughter of Elvis Presley, Lisa Marie was born. In the mid-1990s, Lisa Marie married and divorced the self-proclaimed “King of Pop,” Michael Jackson.


Daniella Munguia/SKIFF STAFF
The Main at lunch hour is a good example of why the university is capping enrollment.

TCU to cap enrollment
University officials favorable toward admissions policy, hope to optimize current campus resources
By David Reese
Staff Reporter

TCU will cap enrollment for the 2002-2003 academic year at 1,475 students in order to sustain a high quality learning environment, said Chancellor Michael Ferrari.

He said there is a strong consensus among faculty, staff, the deans and others that TCU is now at or slightly larger than its overall optimal enrollment size.
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Debate about curriculum continues
Faculty Senate agrees to review plan until March
By Jaime Walker
Senior Reporter

Vigorous faculty debate about the contents and direction of the Common Undergraduate Experience — the university’s proposed revision of the core curriculum — will continue until at least March 21, Faculty Senators agreed Thursday.
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Re-accreditation committee meets first deadline
By Laura McFarland
Staff Reporter

The first of five committees preparing for the university’s 10-year re-accreditation to the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools submitted their report draft for review this week, said Nadia Lahutsky, vice chairwoman of the Principles and Philosophy of Accreditation Committee.
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Super Bowl super party
Whether or not you like football, the Super Bowl is a great excuse to party, eat and maybe even watch the game.
Eric Goodwin
KRT Campus

With the NFL playoffs completed and the St. Louis Rams and the New England Patriots claiming their confrence championships, football fans across the nation are eagerly anticipating this year’s Super Bowl Feb. 3. And, of course, they’re already planning the parties required to watch the year’s biggest game. If you’re planning to throw a bash, be sure to check out these Web sites for the 411 on all things pigskin-related.
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Clues for the Clueless
No, the Super Bowl is not a big chip then what is it?

During the Fox broadcast (5 p.m.) you might hear the announcers mention the “Lombardi Trophy.” Awarded to the winning team at game’s end, it’s $12,000 worth of sterling silver (7 pounds), 22 inches high, and made in Parsippany, N.J., by Tiffany & Co. It takes 72 hours to hand-craft.

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‘Slackers’ promises laughs, not ethics
By Anthony Bromberg
Daily Bruin (U. California-Los Angeles)

There are places where more time is spent in bars than in libraries, more time in bedrooms than taking midterms. Places where dreamy guys spend their time cheating on tests and scamming their way through four years of classes, and then at the end of the day get to hookup with the local supermodel. Places like college.
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First movies of 2002 fail to satisfy
Commentary by Ryan Eloe

No need to rush to the movies on opening weekend. Not at least for a while. The beginning of the year hastens a time of mediocre movies that audiences could simply do without.
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