Thursday, February 7, 2002

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Molly Beuerman/SKIFF STAFF
Local businesses often have their parking lots filled by TCU students’ cars. Customers must search for parking in other areas.

Tight squeeze
Businesses suffer, lose customers as students park illegally due to limited space on campus
Laura McFarland
Staff Reporter

Llisa Lewis, general manager of TCU Bookstore, looks out the window at the parking lot in front of the store. All 152 parking slots are filled.
When she looks in the store, there are only 15 customers.
The TCU Bookstore is just one of the businesses around campus constantly struggling with some students to keep its parking lots open for customers so they don’t lose business. In the constant search for parking close to classes, these businesses are often the ones suffering, Lewis said.
Sid Weigand, owner of the Smoothie King on University Drive, said he has had a number of customers comment that they try to avoid his store because parking is so bad.
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Star Search
How much do you know about black leaders in arts and entertainment?
Take our test and find out.

By Liz Doup and Margo Harakas
Sun-Sentinel, South Florida
Illustrations by
Bonnie Lallky-Seibert

Louis Armstrong. Denzel Washington. Oprah Winfrey. Black Americans, all, who’ve left a vital, indelible mark in the world of entertainment.
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