Friday, February 8, 2002

TCU e-mail service to be disrupted this weekend

Legal issues to blame for A&M bonfire cancellation

High: 61; Low: 31; Mostly sunny
High: 53; Low: 31; Sunny

1910 — William D. Boyce of Chicago, Illinois incorporated the Boy Scouts of America on this day. He didn’t, however, conceptualize the scouting movement, the Boy Scouts were originated by Englishman, Sir Robert S.S. Baden-Powell.
1936 — The first National Football League draft was held. Jay Berwanger was the first to be selected. He went to the Philadelphia Eagles.
1969 — The last issue of the Saturday Evening Post was published, ending a magazine tradition that began in 1821.

Topping it off...
Ricky Roop and Marty Roop, workers from Architectural Sheet Metal, Inc., fix the flashing on the roof of Beasley Hall Thursday.


University gets poor results in survey ranking academic challenge
By Kelly Morris
Staff Reporter

Faculty members expressed concerns about the university’s poor results in the academic challenge category of the 2001 National Survey of Student Engagement to Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Don Mills at the Faculty Senate meeting Thursday.

Mills said the university should be concerned about its performance.

“I think (the survey) gives us an opportunity to find out what the experience is like for our students,” he said. “Students may not be viewing things the way the faculty is.”

The survey, administered by the Indiana University Center for Post-Secondary Research and Planning last spring, randomly polled approximately 210 freshmen and 245 seniors about their college experience, said Angie Taylor, director of alcohol and drug education, who is studying the survey’s results.
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Faculty Senate discussion centers on CUE
By brandon ortiz
Staff Reporter

The Faculty Senate agreed Thursday to meet more often to discuss the controversial Common Undergraduate Experience in an attempt to expedite the process of modifying the proposed core curriculum.
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International students share thoughts on CUE
By Alisha Wassenaar
Staff Reporter

International students shared their thoughts on the Common Undergraduate Experience Thursday evening with Nowell Donovan, chairman of the University Assessment Committee on the CUE.
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“Collateral Damage”
Schwarzenegger talks politics, movies
By Mike Szymanski
KRT Campus

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. — Arnold Schwarzenegger isn’t afraid to talk politics. The man who’s toyed with the idea of running for governor of California (in real life), has hunted down invisible aliens (in “Predator”), has had a baby on the big screen (“Junior”) — and has played the Terminator, for gosh sakes — isn’t really afraid of any topic.
But sitting in a hotel room full of Internet journalists in Beverly Hills, Calif., he knows that the events of the day are going to be discussed — including terrorism — and especially because he’s been directly affected now.
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Francesca Neri and Arnold Schwarzenegger star in the action thriller “Collateral Damage.”

Success of action films still

By Ryan Eloe
Skiff Staff

Guns, bombs and fighting draw viewers to movies. And it’s with action films that the ideas and images of forceful destruction can take viewers hostage.
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Bottleneck rocks on with songs, covers
by Jack Bullion
Skiff Staff

Early in their headlining show Feb. 1 at the Aardvark, Barrett Shipp, the lead singer and guitarist of TCU band Bottleneck, educated his audience on what to expect from his four-piece rock outfit.
They should prepare themselves to not only hear some original material, but also, Shipp mused: “Something else. Oh yeah — covers!”
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