Wednesday, February 13, 2002

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan — The U.S. military insisted Tuesday that Afghans mistakenly captured in a special forces raid last month were not abused and, in fact, were in better shape when freed than when captured.
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Hyperfrogs sponsors Sexual Responsibly Week

Dartmouth College sees a surge in pink eye cases

Special to the Skiff
Dancers practice a routine at January auditions for fall admittance into the ballet and modern dance department.

Dance department needs faculty
By Colleen Casey
Staff Reporter

The department of ballet and modern dance cannot accept any more students to match an increase in interest without adding more instructors, said Ellen Shelton, department chairwoman.

Shelton said about 90 dancers from 20 states auditioned for admittance into the ballet and modern dance department in January. This was about a 14 percent increase, she said.

Shelton said the larger number of dancers auditioning is a reason why her department is in need of more faculty to support growing interest.
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Parking crunch seen by committee
By Anthony Kirchner
Staff Reporter

“I realize I’m guilty, but...”
Fred Oberkircher, chairman of the traffic regulations and appeals committee, said he hears students say this almost weekly in traffic appeals meetings.

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Brite to add Korean Studies Program
Asian Christianity program to begin next fall
By Marci King
Staff Reporter

The Brite Divinity School will add a Korean Studies Program to its curriculum in the fall of 2002, said Leo Perdue, president of Brite.
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Winter Games

Where will you place? Test your knowledge of the Winter Games

Are you a gold-medal fan? Take our quiz and see how you score in the Olympics history event.
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From Chamonix to Salt Lake City
Looking back on great moments from Winter Olympic history

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