Wednesday, February 20, 2002

UC-Berkeley male sex ed class put on hold

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1937 — Legendary driver and designer Roger Penske was born on this day. While he drove and designed a variety of racecar models, Penske is most famous for his achievements in Indy car design.
1993 — Ferrucio Lamborghini died on this day in 1993, leaving behind a remarkable life story of a farm boy with big dreams. Born on his family’s farm outside of Bologna, Italy, Lamborghini grew up tinkering with tractors.

Assault investigation continues
Anthony Kirchner
Staff Reporter

A joint investigation between Fort Worth and TCU police continued Tuesday in the sexual assault of a 21-year-old woman who lives in the Bellaire Condominiums on Bellaire Drive, said J.C. Williams, assistant TCU police chief.
Fort Worth police would not comment on the incident because it is an open investigation, but Don Mills, vice-chancellor for student affairs, confirmed Tuesday that the victim is a TCU student.
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Swinging slugger

Erin Munger/ Skiff Staff
Junior designated hitter Chris Meeks swings at a pitch Tuesday against Texas Tech. Meeks had three hits and one run batted in the Frogs lose 14-13. See Sports, Page 8, for the full story.

Students, faculty and staff congregate outside Reed Hall Monday afternoon because of a fire alarm that went off in the building. Classes were hauled for a short period while authorities accessed the situation.


Brachman’s first floor to be cleared
Staff Reporter

Brachman Hall’s coeducational first floor will be vacated fall 2002 to make space for a potential overflow of students, said Karen Baker, assistant director of Residential Services.
Baker said the move is an attempt to avoid situations like last fall’s housing crunch when forty male students were temporarily housed in local hotels and 35 undergraduates were moved to graduate apartments.
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A quiz, by George!
From George Washington to George W. Bush, the 42 men who have held the nation’s highest office have some of the most familiar names and faces in American history. You see them every day on U.S. currency and coins, attend schools that bear their names, and drive on streets and highways named in their honor. But how well do you really know the American presidents? Do you know which man owned a haberdashery before ascending to the presidency? (Harry S. Truman) Do you know who survived an assassination attempt when a metal eyeglass case deflected the bullet? (Theodore Roosevelt) Do you know who used the words “I affirm” instead of “I swear” when taking his oath of office? (Franklin Pierce) Here’s your chance to meet the men behind the office.

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