Thursday, February 21, 2002

WACO — The Supreme Court agreed to review a case involving copyright protection on Tuesday, deciding when books, songs and movies are free to go online.
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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — The Florida Democratic Party is accusing Gov. Jeb Bush of breaking a promise not to raise campaign money during the legislative session.
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Duke scientists find
possible cancer vaccine

High: 66; Low: 38; Sunny

High: 74; Low: 45; Mostly sunny

Wednesday's photograph of students, faculty and staff congregating outside Reed Hall because of a fire alarm occurred Tuesday not Monday.

Schools vying for more space
School of Education drafts proposal to
allow expansion
By Colleen Casey
Staff Reporter

Insufficient space for the School of Education inspired a feasibility study in order to draft a plan to be proposed to officials to allow the school to expand or move, said Sam Deitz, dean of education.
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Tenants say attempts at safety scarce
By Anthony Kirchner
Staff Reporter

Sarah Bledsoe said it’s nice to finally see light outside of her Bellaire Condominium after months of living in the shadows.
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Rise in fees impact benefits
By Kelly Morris
Staff Reporter

Laurie Fetter has a master’s degree and almost has earned a doctorate. She says she could have earned a larger paycheck, but she wanted her three children to attend TCU.
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Seminar teaches student athletes business etiquette
By Laura McFarland
Staff Reporter

At a formally set table in Bistro le Frog, Mr. and Mrs. Right sit and quietly discuss the events of their day as they enjoy their meal.
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SuperFrog celebrates 21st birthday...again
By Kelly Howard
Staff Reporter

SuperFrog has been turning 21 since 1949 and his party, from noon to 6 p.m. today by Frog Fountain, is for all TCU students and employees who want to celebrate his 53rd 21st birthday, said Stephanie Zimmer, a sophomore marketing major and vice president of Programming Council.
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New heights
Brandon Hallmark, a prospective student from Whitney High School, takes advantage of a temporary climbing wall set up in front of the Student Center Wednesday. The event was sponsored by the Army.

Left-handed in a right-handed world
For centuries, being left-handed was more than just inconvenient
By Kathleen Laufenberg
KRT Campus

You could call it the quiet handicap: Most people don’t notice it, and those who have it rarely mention it. But given the history of lefties, it’s little wonder.
For eons, being a lefty was far more than just inconvenient: It was enough to make you suspect. It meant you were different — only about one in 10 people is a lefty — and in human terms, different often equals bad. In the case of lefties, very bad.
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Living the laborious leftie life
By Jordan Blum
Skiff Staff

Being a white male from a middle-class suburban family, it’s always been hard to distinguish myself from the norm — to really be able to stand out in some way.
My left-handedness has always put me in a small minority of less than 10 percent of the population and given me some sense of identity. Coming from a family where I was the only left-handed person added to this unique quality I was born with.
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