Thursday, February 28, 2002


Quality of new curriculum must come first

The much debated Common Undergraduate Experience was scrapped last week and replaced with a new version of a revised core curriculum for faculty to consider — a move that has only delayed an already long process.
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Opinions from around the country

In a move that has the best of intentions but, at the same time, lacks any foresight whatsoever, members of the California Medical Association proposed raising the legal smoking age from 18 to 21.
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In defense of column, for protection of Constitution
By Tom Daniels
Skiff Staff

An editorial appeared in this paper Tuesday that attacked me and an editorial of mine that appeared last Thursday.
Mr. Tim Dragga stated that I am completely unfamiliar with any Supreme Court precedent because I asserted that the Shays-Meehan Campaign Finance Reform Bill violated the First Amendment.

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All races should be remembered after attacks
Aliya Sternstein is a columnist for the Daily Pennsylvanian at the University of Pennsylvania.

The year is 2020. Morgan Kay Beamer, newborn daughter of Sept. 11 victim and hero Todd Beamer, rolls into, let’s say, the University of Pennsylvania. She joins the class of 2024, along with the Daniel Pearl’s as-yet unborn baby. The two Quakers enroll in History 432: The World in Wars — taught by Stephen Ambrose Jr.
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Columnists fail to see fault in soft money donations

It is extremely ironic that Tim Dragga would use a pro-bono American Civil Liberties Union lawyer as an example of someone who, under the current system of wealth-influenced politics, would not have as much influence as a Fortune 500 executive in a federal election. The ACLU vehemently opposes the Shays-Meehan Bill.
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