Friday, March 1, 2002

Harvard study cites grade inflation is on the rise

High: 39; Low: 16; Snow shower

High: 33; Low: 16; Cloudy

1969 — Mickey Mantle announced his retirement from baseball.

1999 — Some 130 nations agreed to a United Nations Treaty banning land mines which went into effect this day. The United States, Russia and China did not sign the treaty.

William Koehler, provost and vice chancellor for academic affairs, greets Huba Brückner, executive director of the Hungarian-American Commission for Educational Exchange Thursday. Brückner visited TCU along with a delegation from ELTE, Hungary’s largest university this week.

TCU works to build foreign connections
Delegation from Hungarian school visits campus
By David Dunai
Staff Reporter

Establishing strategic ties with one of the old, prestigious universities of Europe will make TCU stronger, said Larry Adams, associate provost for academic affairs, Tuesday after he met with a delegation from Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE).

The delegation, from Hungary’s largest university founded in 1635, visited campus this week to discuss the possibilities of a future relationship between the two institutions, said István Klinghammer, rector of ELTE.

The meetings focused on three major areas of cooperation such as post-graduate education, research projects and summer courses offered in Budapest, Hungary, Klinghammer said.

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The Review

We Were Soldiers
Movie tells little-known part of Vietnam War

Like just about every war movie ever made, “We Were Soldiers” has something to say about honor, duty, valor, sacrifice and courage under fire.
It doesn’t add much to our body of knowledge about the price paid by the families of those who serve, or of the capacity of military brass to make idiotic, ill-informed decisions which cost young men their lives.
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Mel Gibson as Lieutenant Colonel Harold G. Moore in “We Were Soldiers.”

Searching for Chris Klein
By Ryan Eloe
Skiff Staff

“Cindy Guagenti’s office can I help you?” I hear that name for the third time this week.
Three weeks ago I didn’t even know there was a person named Cindy Guagenti. That was before I started my quest. It wasn’t a quest for the Holy Grail. Instead, it was the quest to find a person. The person I was trying to find should be easier than searching for Bobby Fisher, but at points, it seemed pretty difficult.
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“40 Days” relies on crude humor

The joke is yanked, inflated, stretched and strung out over the film’s 93 minutes. Gags involving condoms, erections, Viagra and fruit that looks like vaginas are stuffed into those minutes. “40 Days and 40 Nights” is flip and exhaustingly hip and irreverent to the point of being sacrilegious.
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