Tuesday, March 5, 2002

While answering questions in the Student Center lounge Monday, Fort Worth Police officer Joe Pena said he thinks informing students on club drugs is relevant to the TCU campus.
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Tracy Dietz, chairwoman of the social work department, said she’s excited her office won’t shake when the wind blows as it has the past ten years.
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Fighting kills nine American soldiers
By Pauline Jelinek
Associated Press

WASHINGTON — Nine American soldiers have died in a U.S.-led assault in Afghanistan, including at least eight killed when two helicopters took enemy fire in the largest offensive of the five-month war against terrorists, Pentagon officials said Monday.
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Symposium highlights healthy lives
By Kelly Maria Howard
Staff Reporter

The Eighth Annual Women’s Symposium celebrates women and the significant contributions that women have made, said Marcy Paul, program coordinator for the TCU Women’s Resource Center.
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‘Just not happening’
Men’s basketball head coach Billy Tubbs addresses the media after Saturday night’s win over East Carolina. The game marked the regular season finale for Tubbs at TCU. Tubbs tried to get teary-eyed during the press conference, but was unsuccessful.

CBS set for airing 9/11 documentary
Network schedules World Trade Center film for Sunday
Associated Press

NEW YORK — CBS’ two-hour documentary on the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks contains virtually no graphic footage of injuries but is filled with earthy language responding to the day’s horror.

The network will air the documentary, with never-before-seen footage shot from inside the World Trade Center that day, on Sunday. CBS screened a copy for reporters Monday night.

Some relatives of Sept. 11 victims had urged CBS not to show the documentary, culled from footage shot by two French filmmakers, brothers Gedeon and Jules Naudet.
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Out with the new...In with the old
Thrift store shopping helps students expand their wardrobe... without shrinking their wallets
By Antoinette Vega
Skiff Staff

From the fashion runways to the TCU campus, the phrase “old is new” is back in a big way. Thrift stores are a favorite shopping place among many TCU students in adding to their wardrobe month after month.
Amanda Gay, a senior psychology and sociology major, goes to Thrift Town at least once a month to add to her collection of clothing. She calls herself a “thrift store junkie” and prefers shopping at thrift stores rather than retail outlets due to their low prices and diverse selection.
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Trendy socks include novelty items, toe socks and more
By Kathy Van Mullekom
KRT Campus

Stuff the boring blue, brown and black socks in the corner of your dresser drawer. Save the sporty white socks for sweat-soaked sessions on the stair stepper. Now’s the time to tuck your tootsies into trendy socks.
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Daniella Munguia/SKIFF STAFF
A customer looks through the selection of shoes at Worth Repeating thrift store in Fort Worth. The store is part of the Women Center of Tarrant County and provides free clothes for single parents who complete their career program interviews.


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