Wednesday, March 6, 2002

Majority of incentive awards passed for staff
By Brandon Ortiz
Staff Reporter

The majority of incentive awards requested by staff members were approved by Chancellor Michael Ferrari, though monetary bonuses were not, said University Librarian and Staff Assembly Chairman Bob Seal Tuesday.
The Staff Assembly sent a letter to Ferrari Feb. 1 proposing awards staff members could receive in addition to regular compensation to “recognize good work, remember birthdays and anniversary dates.”
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Molly Beuerman/SKIFF STAFF
Karen Baker, associate director of residential services, writes down information from the agenda Tuesday at the Staff Assembly meeting.

More than just a Cowboys cheerleader
By John-Mark Day
Skiff Staff

It’s a Sunday morning in April 2000. At Texas Stadium, The Dallas Cowboys, normal owners of the field, are gone. In their place 800 women take the field, curlers in their hair, show makeup thickly applied. As they stretch and warm-up, tailor-made workout outfits show off bodies toned by training and thinned by painful diets. A nervous tension permeates the stadium. It’s audition day for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.
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Student mixes love of animals with talent for music
By Erin Lamourie
Features Editor

Elisa Williams wakes up early Sunday morning to get ready to go to a church she has never been to. But today she will be the organist.
Her room is a mess because she has no time to clean. Clothes are scattered across the floor and her desk is covered in papers. In a clear space are photographs of her and some of her best friends — the birds, snakes and owls she rehabilitated near her home in Maryland.
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