Thursday, March 21, 2002

Student acquitted on animal cruelty charge
Animal rescue group outraged by jury’s decision
Associated Press

WACO — An animal rescue group is outraged by a former Baylor University baseball player’s acquittal on an animal cruelty charge and by the dismissal of the charge against his former teammate.
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Oscar Quest

Oscar is no spring chicken. But at the ripe old age of 74, he’s still the most respected man in Hollywood. Russell, Sean, Will, Denzel or Tom will walk away from the Academy Awards March 24 as Hollywood’s leading man, but Oscar is the man of the hour.
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You touch it...No you touch it...You first
Hemi Ahluwalia/PHOTO EDITOR
Stephanie Busby, an animal control officer and educator for the city of Fort Worth, let children at Our Mother of Mercy School touch a sand boa during a health fair. The fair was presented by senior-level students in the Harris School of Nursing.


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