Thursday, March 28, 2002

New dean prepared to begin work
By Raul Martinez IV
Staff Reporter

William Slater said he is counting the days until he becomes the new dean of the College of Communications.
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Scandals fail to shake the faith
Catholics unwavered amidst child abuse cases in church
By Laura McFarland
Staff Reporter

Sandy Stafford knows her priest is human. Even so, she admits that if she heard he committed a crime, she would be stunned.
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Daniela Munguia/SKIFF STAFF
Jeremy Thaden, a sophomore biology major, works Monday nights as a Foster Hall resident assistant. TCU RA’s have no current plans to form a union.

Taking care of business
No plans for resident assistant
union on campus
By Kami Lewis
Staff Reporter

The formation of the first residential assistants union at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst raised concerns for administrators across the nation, especially in the Northeast, said Russell Elleven, associate director of Residence Life.
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Eastern Eggs
Painted eggs are about more than just bunnies
by Wanda Muriy
Skiff Staff

When most people think of Easter, the first image that comes to mind is a fancy-painted egg. Few, however, know about the rich Ukrainian history and symbolism of the eggs.
The art of pysanky, or Ukrainian Easter eggs, is so ancient that no one truly knows its origins. At least 2000 years ago, people who lived in the area of Ukraine worshipped the sun. These pagan people saw parallels between the yellow yolk of the egg and the sun, and the white of the egg and the moon. The egg was believed to have magical power and often was used in sun worship ceremonies.
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Egg design 101

Having learned briefly about the history of the Easter egg and the designs and colors used in decorating them, some might want to try making a pysanky, or other types of eggs. Here are a few tips to get started:
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More than just colors
The symbolism behind the colors plays an important role in the designing of the eggs

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