Tuesday, April 2, 2002


No arrests made in assault case
Fort Worth police tight lipped about ongoing investigation
By Anthony Kirchner
Staff Reporter

Fort Worth police said Monday they believe they know who assaulted a TCU student March 22, but are still not saying who the suspect is or why an arrest has not been made.

Detective D.P. Henderson with the Fort Worth Police Department would not provide information about any warrants issued because he said this is an ongoing investigation.

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Settling in
Hemi Ahluwalia/PHOTO EDITOR
William Slater, the new Dean of the College of Communications, gets organized on his first day on the job. Slater started Monday, taking over for interim dean David Whillock.
Emergency personnel work at the scene of a suicide bombing inside a Haifa restaurant on Easter Sunday. The Palestinian suicide bomber killed 15 and injured more than 40 people.

Accustomed to terror
United States help necessary for peace in Middle East
By Raul Martinez IV
Staff Reporter

As fighting between Israel and Palestine continues, W. David Nelson, the Rosenthal assistant professor of Jewish studies, said in order for a peace treaty between the two, the United States needs to be actively involved.
Nelson said the violence has escalated between the factions due to the recent lack of involvement by the United States.

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Hot & Sweaty:
Latest trend in exercise is high- temperature yoga

MINNEAPOLIS — Bob Davis, host of KSTP radio’s late-night show, had no idea what to expect when he began taking Bikram yoga last fall.
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Jodi Beccetti, 33, of St. Louis Park, Minneapolis, holds the Ardhachandrasana, or half-moon pose, in a recent Bikram Yoga class in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Yoga about hearing, responding
to own body

By Molly Martin
KRT Campus

Yoga is not about stretching; in fact, a stiff person might even have some advantages over a very flexible one. Yoga is not about physical fitness, though that may be a side benefit. Yoga poses aren’t meant to be held and achieved, but continually explored.
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Favorite tunes boost body, spirit for better workout

Whether you run, bike, or lift, you probably do it to music. On a solo jog or in a crowded aerobics class, it doesn't matter: There's always a song out there to enhance your exercise efforts.
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