Thursday, April 4, 2002

First class: Recruits fly high
Recruiters take to sky enticing potential Horned Frog athletes
By David Dunai
Staff Reporter

This July, associate head women’s basketball coach Larry Tidwell plans to hop on a commercial plane and do some recruiting.
But on this particular trip, he doesn’t plan to go to California or Indiana or some other state. He’s flying to Mozambique, Africa.
Women’s basketball head coach Jeff Mittie said that a big portion of the coaches’ jobs and the program’s budget is to find the best recruits possible, even if they have to go overseas.
“You just have to realize that the world is a lot smaller than it was 25 years ago,” Mittie said.
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TCU’s twin-propeller plane arrives with men’s basketball head coach Neil Dougherty last week at Meacham Airport in Fort Worth. The plane was bought in 1984 for recruiting purposes for the athletic department.



Picking the perfect pet:
A guide for those with limited time, space or money
By Bethany McCormack
Copy Desk Chief

Those sad eyes, that cold nose, the horrible breath—How can you say goodbye to him? He whimpers when you walk out the door and you feel like you’re abandoning your best friend.
Coming to college you leave behind your friends, your family and (sigh) your pets. You’ll make plenty of new friends, you’ll talk to your parents on the phone, but you’ll never replace the love of your pet.
Residence halls allow fish as pets and that’s it. No hamsters, no turtles and definitely no cats or dogs.
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Animal Resources
(Where to look)

Things to consider
before getting a pet:

Starting simple: Pets on a

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