Friday, April 5, 2002


Powell ordered to Middle East with message
President says enoughis enough; warns about more violence
By Ron Fournier
Associated Press

WASHINGTON — In a new push for peace, President Bush on Thursday demanded that Israel pull back its troops from Palestinian cities it occupied in recent days and called on Arab nations to do more to crack down on terrorists. He ordered Secretary of State Colin Powell to the region to carry the message.
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President George W. Bush announced Thursday that he will send Secretary of State Colin Powell to the Middle East to help peace efforts.

“High Crimes”
low suspense

By David Germain
Associated Press

The title “High Crimes” promises major wrongdoing: treason, atrocity, offenses that endanger the well-being of a nation.
The movie “High Crimes” has the dramatic punch of a parking ticket.
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“Van Wilder” falls short of classic Lampoon’s
By Christy Lemire
Associated Press

The most remarkable thing about “National Lampoon’s Van Wilder” is that it’s not nearly as atrocious as the ads would suggest.
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Morrow’s music “Outside the lines” of Nashville sound
By Jeff Dennis
Skiff Staff

On his latest independently released album, “Outside the Lines,” Houston native Cory Morrow proves to his listeners that he has the staying power of a great songwriter and musician. Morrow ventures in many directions, and further refines the sound he molded in his past two solo studio albums.
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Tired of unnecessary film nudity
By David Reese
Skiff Staff

Have you ever noticed the amount of nudity in films has increased at a rapid speed of light?
Don’t get me wrong, I am a man, and I do not mind a little nakedness in film here or there. But it seems like Hollywood will not produce any movie unless it has at least a flash of skin somewhere within the film.
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