Thursday, April 11, 2002

Escucha la música
Opus Cuatro will sing at Latin Arts Festival this weekend
By Raul Martinez IV
Staff Reporter

Hernando Irahola said he and the other three members of the vocal group Opus Cuatro have always had a passion for singing and traveling all over the globe.
Irahola, baritone for the group, said they now play over 150 concerts a year in a number of countries.

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Clockwise from top left: Federico Galiana, Hernando Irahola, Alberto Hassan, Marcelo Balsells, are members of the vocal group Opus Cuatro. They will perform with Germán Gutiérrez, director of orchestral studies, this weekend in Ed Landreth Hall Auditorium.

SGA allots bigger budget to Homecoming
Money cut from Family Weekend; Fine Arts Committee axed
By Alisha Wassenaar
Staff Reporter

The Student Government Association increased the 2002 Homecoming Committee budget by $3,730 Tuesday as a part of its goal to encourage tradition on the TCU campus, said Abby Crawford, chairwoman of the Homecoming Committee.
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Superman through the ages
By Robert K. Elder
KRT Campus

Superheroes may not get old, but they do change. Even Superman.
Every generation reinvents Superman to fit its own sensibilities, as evidenced by the WB’s incarnation of the character in “Smallville.” Set in present-day Kansas, the hit show centers on a teen-age Clark Kent, whose powers are just beginning to surface.
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