Friday, April 12, 2002

Student issues top Trustees’ agenda
Hudson first SGA president to speak
at board meeting
Skiff Staff

History will be made when the Board of Trustees convenes today for its third meeting of the year.
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Questions raised on changes to SAT I
Changes to test could cause discomfort for Admissions Office
By David Reese
Staff Reporter

The proposed changes to the SAT I will not affect the TCU admission process much, but new questions will need to be addressed, said Ray Brown, dean of admissions.
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Jon Harrison/SKIFF STAFF
Marc Richard, a senior speech communication major, held an albino Burmese python Thursday at the Spring Fling petting zoo. The event was held to help draw attention to the TCU Bookstore.

Bookstore gets wild
Marketing class hosts event to increase awareness of bookstore
By Emily Baker
Skiff Staff

A trip to the TCU Bookstore usually does not involve the sight of a small goat nibbling on the chain that attaches it to a tree. It usually doesn’t involve a sighting of a charcoal-colored, fluffy chinchilla or playful hedgehogs either.
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‘Changing Lanes’
Road rage film a slow satirical story
By David Germain
Associated Press

This episode of “Manhattanites Behaving Badly” is called “Changing Lanes,” the story of two odious men who turn an expressway crackup into a daylong, cat-and-mouse vendetta of sustained road rage.
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KRT Campus
Ben Affleck, left, and Samuel L. Jackson star in “Changing Lanes.”
© 2002 Stage West
Angie Jepson and Copy Perret in “Sueño” running until April 27 at Stage West

Stage West’s ‘Sueño’ strong cast, weak script
By John-Mark Day
Skiff Staff

All at once both serious and comic, historical and modern, violent but with moments of beauty, “Sueño” invokes the dream of which the title speaks.
Conceptually, the production at Stage West works. All the local elements are great — strong acting, striking visuals, moving action. The only weak element (unfortunately a big one) is the script, a collection of preachy monologues leaving little room for the actors to act.
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Coincidences common occurrences
By Ryan Eloe
Skiff Staff

Wouldn’t it be crazy if there was an asteroid the size of Texas? Wouldn’t it be crazy if the United States decided to let an oil company drill a whole in the asteroid from space? Wouldn’t it be crazy if you were the best driller and chosen for the mission? It would be quiet a coincidence.
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‘Sweetest Thing’ a bit too sweet
By David Germain
Associated Press

Women now have a gross-out comedy of their own.
“The Sweetest Thing” proves that a lowbrow chick flick can be just as cretinous as a big dumb guy movie (excluding anything by Tom Green).
“Rollerball” already has it beat for worst movie so far this year, but “The Sweetest Thing” has the early lead for most vapid.
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