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Thursday, October 9, 2003
Dancer shares unique style

A TCU alumna and professional dancer advised TCU dance students to break the rules to get ahead in the field.
The headline on Wednesday’s Staff Assembly article was incorrect. Staff Assembly did not recommend cuts. It recommended restoring some of the proposed cuts.

Leah Cox

Stephen Spillman/Photo Editor
Leah Cox, a graduate of TCU’s class of 1998, was invited by the dance department to share her knowledge of dancing and help other dancers grow in their abilities.

Upgrade to come
SGA considers changes needed for Web site

Student Government Association President Brad Thompson admits SGA’s current Web site is not up to par.
MTV skews Greek life

Fighting. Crying. Hazing. Drunkenness. Excessive partying. Greek leaders on campus say these are several reasons why many people enjoy watching shows documenting Greek life. Unfortunately, they said, these images come at the expense of fraternities and sororities nationwide.

Schwarzenegger is a bad choice

Thank God that the California recall elections are over because if California undergoes any more humiliation, we don’t think the media can handle it.
Frivolous lawsuits still a never-ending problem

Sometimes people make jokes about the lawsuits they are going to file. For example, “Oh, I burnt myself with hot coffee. I’m going to sue someone for not labeling it correctly.”

Editorial cartoon



Simon Lopez/Staff Photographer
Junior quarterback Brandon Hassell rolls out of a play against Army.
Frogs go helmet-to-helmet with USF

Something will have to give Friday night in Tampa, Fla. TCU and South Florida both have winning streaks on the line coming onto their 7 p.m. meeting at Raymond James Stadium.

Frogs set to shoot at annual competition

Weekly cross country poll ranks Frogs fifth

Men’s tennis player breaks winning streak


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