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Friday, October 24, 2003
Professor builds sight device

Everything around you is dark. You can’t see anything. You’re blind.

Then, imagine a device that’s no larger than a strand of hair that could help someone who had no sight, see. With the use of a micro-engine, an artificial eye could focus and relay images to the brain.

Photo of Edward Kolesar

Ty Halasz/Staff Photographer
Professor of engineering Edward Kolesar tinkers with tiny electrothermal motors that act as muscles to focus a synthetic lens for the human eye.
Clubs to be put on display

Several members of the M.J. Neeley School of Business say they hope this year’s Neeley Week, which begins Sunday, will continue the success of last spring’s inaugural event.
Guest engages council

Professor in hot seat

New organization is about fun, laughs

There’s a new organization on campus, and its rules are simple.

There are none. No mandatory meetings. No screening process for membership. No dress code. No service requirements and no dues. But its purpose is clear: All the creators ask is that you meet people and come to have fun.
Quotes we ran that made you think ... or laugh
Firearms violence problem complicated

Did you know that three years ago a 6-year-old boy shot one of his classmates in an elementary school? The boy found the gun while staying in his uncle’s house and took it to school the next morning.
Saturday • Robertson Stadium • 7 p.m. ESPN 103.3 FM • KTCU FM 88.7
The Edge
Braden Howell - Frogs 27-21
Brent Yarina - Frogs 20-17
Key Matchup
Invaluable linemen deserve credit
They work hard in the trenches, and they don’t mind it one bit

They love their job regardless of who watches.

It is hard being offensive linemen. When things go well, they don’t get any recognition. When things go bad, they get all the blame.

“The only people who realize they are out there are family, friends and the line coach,” offensive line coach Eddie Williamson said. “And if they have a girlfriend, then her too.”

Lady Frogs projected to win season title

Frogs to play UAB and USF this weekend

Movie review
‘Radio’ boasts heartwarming messsage, great performances

There are two reasons why many have already decided not to watch the film, “Radio.” The first reason is that it was produced by Disney, a studio infamous for its ability to take a perfectly good plot and turn it into a super-sappy, feel-good movie with a predictable Hollywood ending. The second reason is because it stars Cuba Gooding Jr., an actor whose career went from the unforgettable “show me the money” guy in “Jerry Maguire” to the cheesy dentist-who-talks-to-dogs-guy in the movie “Snow Dogs” (which coincidentally was also a Disney film).
What to see
Painted Prayers
Kimbell Art Museum

Prayer books used by everyday men and women of the medieval and Renaissance times are presently on display at the Kimbell Art Museum. The books contain paintings and prints from collections of the Morgan Library in New York.

CD reviews

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