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Wednesday, November 26, 2003
Gender gap a trend at most universities

Guys love it, girls hate it, and TCU doesn’t know what to do about it.
Strummin’ Along

TCU Jazz Band

Stephen Spillman/Photo Editor
Freshman premajor Jameson Cockerell plays a solo piece with the TCU Jazz Band Tuesday afternoon in the Student Center Lounge.
Television station to air in spring

TCU’s Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization is starting a university TV station next semester that will run 24 hours a day, seven days a week and provide the campus with up-to-date world news, movies and student programming, said Jason Ruth, president of CEO.
Students wait hours to purchase tickets
Fans anticipate Kansas game at Daniel-Meyer

The line for tickets to the TCU-Kansas basketball game formed in the early morning hours last Saturday.

Davis’s success result of trials

SGA passes two new resolutions, tables two


Thanksgiving cheers and jeers

Cheers to football, family and free food.
Jeers to the official beginning of Christmas shopping.
Cheers for a holiday that hasn’t been swallowed up by commercialism ... too much.

Dr. Seuss’s Ad in the Hat disturbs moviegoers


What do Burger King, Smucker’s, Rayovac, Febreze and MasterCard all have in common?
They’re “Cat sponsors.” Each of them is one of 12 different companies promoting more than 40 brands that are working hard to try and make a few big bucks off of Universal's newest holiday blockbuster “The Cat in the Hat.”

Grant a Christmas wish

Journalism attracts more liberals than conservatives

Ethics come after grades

Battle for the Iron Skillet
TCU at SMU • Saturday • Gerald J. Ford Stadium • 2 p.m. • KTCU 88.7 and ESPN Radio 103.3

Four years in a row the Horned Frogs have raised the Iron Skillet above their heads following a victory over in-state rival SMU. Saturday afternoon in Dallas, the rivalry continues as the Frogs will attempt to earn Metroplex bragging rights for the fifth consecutive time in the battle for the Iron Skillet.
Placekicker named to All-America team

sTCU placekicker Nick Browne was selected to the 25-man first team All-America squad Tuesday, according to the Football Writers Association of America. Browne becomes the first Horned Frog selected to the first team All-America squad since LaDainian Tomlinson in 2000.

The Edge

Key Matchup

Britney’s album is “in the zone"
New album is energetic, risqué

I am In the Zone obsessed.

Now, if you know me, right now you may be telling your friends that the person writing this article has dressed up as Britney Spears for four consecutive years in a row, whether it’s to a theme party or to Halloween or just because I think it sounds like fun.
The House of Sand and Fog
Brilliant acting create a film worthy of an Oscar

“The envelope please. ...”

For those who haven’t heard the new buzz, you will more than likely be hearing of Vadim Perelman’s new dramatic thriller “The House of Sand and Fog,” based on the novel by Andre DubusII, in terms of Oscar buzz soon.

Invading Fort Worth: Howitzer

Hot Spots

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