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Friday, August 24, 2001       see Thursday's issue
TCU Daily Skiff

Dean search enters year 3
Provost, committee hope to fill post for spring semester
by Melissa Christensen
managing editor

At least one candidate for the College of Communications deanship was presented for review to the search committee Tuesday by Provost William Koehler.
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Policy changes for parking on campus
by Jill Sutton
staff reporter

Minor changes have been made to campus parking this year that will primarily affect incoming freshmen.
TCU Police Chief Steve McGee said freshmen can no longer park on Main Campus during the weekends.

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Campus Briefs

Proposed stadium to be named Brown-Lupton

A $2 million gift from the Brown-Lupton Foundation for naming rights to the proposed baseball stadium was accepted by the executive committee of the Board of Trustees Thursday.
Director of Communications Kelli Horst said the board also took steps toward developing a final design plan for the stadium.


No rationale for lack of dating on ‘Blind Date’ obsessed campus
Jenny Specht
skiff staff

Students at TCU, being of a certain age, are obviously very interested in romantic relationships. Perhaps what TCU needs is a dating column. However, does anyone at TCU ever go on dates?
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Active Participants

David Dunai
Senior Photographer

Elliott Odom, a sophomore music
major; junior Kim Harris; Dalon Allen, a
sophomore business major; and sophomore Mike Price hang out at the gospel choir table
at the activities fair Thursday.



music review
by Jack Bullion
skiff staff

Jimmy Eat World: Bleed American

movie review
by Constance Beaman

Warner Bros.: Summer Catch

stories compiled by Melissa Martin
photos by Erin Munger

Billy Bob's

The Aardvark


Today in History

1991 — The Soviet
Union began to break apart, and Mikhail Gorbachev resigned as head of the Communist party.

Frogs fall to Huskers in Pigskin Classic
Brandon Ortiz
sports editor

Nebraska quarterback Eric Crouch ran for 124 yards Saturday and threw for another 151 as the Cornhuskers beat the Horned Frogs 21-7.
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Call waiting
Texas lawmakers say ban on cell phones unlikely legislation
by Chrissy Braden
senior reporter

New York passed the United States’ first state law in June to limit cell phone use while driving, re-igniting debate across Texas about a possible need for similar laws here.
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No policy on phone disruptions in class
TCU instructors say common etiquette, disturbance rules apply
by Julie Ann Matonis
campus editor

The notes of the “Mexican Hat Dance” and” Fur Elise” are becoming more familiar as cell phones around campus ring with the tunes, often at inopportune times. Brian Wood, Student Government Association president, said there has been no legislation regarding cell phone use that has come to his attention. As of now, cell phones are an issue of personal freedom, Wood said.

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Distractions can occur regardless of hands-free set
by Elise Rambaud
associate campus editor

While talking on a cell phone and reaching for a piece of paper, Sarah Kirschberg, a junior fashion promotion major, was only momentarily distracted from the road. In seconds, Kirschberg’s vehicle was totaled.

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Ground assault
Stopping Crouch primary objective for Frogs
by Brandon Ortiz
sports editor

When the TCU football team takes the field Saturday, they will not only face their toughest opponent of the season, but their toughest quarterback as well: Eric Crouch.

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Nebraska quarterback Eric Crouch is a preseason Heisman candidate. Crouch ran for over 900 yards for the nation’s top rushing attack last year.



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