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Friday, August 24, 2001
TCU Daily Skiff

Dining report spurs changes in campus services
By Aaron Chimbel
staff reporter

Changes in dining services this semester reflect the results of an outside consulting group’s review of TCU’s food service offerings, said Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Don Mills.
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Capitalism not a bad word
Taxes and a welfare system are signs of socialism
by Chris Diggs
skiff staff

Individuals have God-given inalienable rights to their life, to their liberty, to their property and to pursue their definition of happiness.
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Tubas on their toes
Marching band members practice uniform marching style at rehearsal Tuesday. The group’s home debut will be Sept. 15 when the Frogs take on Marshall at Amon Carter Stadium.

It’s raining stress
Studies, activities can be balanced
to avoid overload
Story by Monique Bhimani
Illustration by J. Kent Ladewig

For some, stress drives students to work harder. The more that is thrown at them, the more they crave. But for other students, balancing time is an art to be mastered.Entering campus organizations is beneficial to students because organizations can offer more opportunities and expertise to benefit future careers. After all, that is half of the college experience. However, some students find extracurricular activities combined with a full load of classes lead to excessive amounts of stress.
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Sweet release
Yoga offers participants a soothing break from reality
By Laura Mc Farland
skiff staff

Gemma DePrang laughs when she remembers one of her student’s reaction to her first yoga class. The woman, a stressed mother of three, finished the class and told DePrang that she felt “all tingly.”
She, like a growing number of TCU students, is one of the many stressed, frazzled or just plain burned out people who have discovered the benefits yoga can have on a stressful life.
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