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Thursday, September 13, 2001
TCU Daily Skiff

Campus activities resume with reflection on terrorist attacks
By Piper Huddleston
Staff Reporter

With a day to ponder the severity of Tuesday’s terrorist attacks, students seemed depressed and in surreal disbelief as campus activities resumed Wednesday morning, said Meagan Mullin, a sophomore pre-major.
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Filling the silence

Students' talk about how they are coping with the events of the week.
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Today in history

1922 — The mercury climbed to 136 degrees (Fahrenheit) in Azizia, Libya, the highest temperature ever recorded on Earth.

Sporting events canceled this weekend
By Brandon Ortiz
Sports Editor

All TCU intercollegiate sporting events, including the football team’s Saturday game against Marshall, have been postponed through this weekend.
Athletics Director Eric Hyman said it would not be appropriate for athletic teams to compete after the terrorist attacks in New York City and Washington.
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Canceled classes gave students time to reflect, console one another
By Jacque Petersell
staff reporter

Classes resumed Wednesday for students at TCU, but Chancellor Michael Ferrari said canceling classes after the attacks in New York City and Washington was the best thing for the students, faculty and staff.
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