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Thursday, October 4, 2001

Five students hit by car
Two students taken to Harris Methodist Hospital by ambulance
By Aaron Chimbel
Staff Reporter

Five students were hit by a car as they stood on the pedestrian median on University Drive Wednesday night shortly before 6 p.m., said TCU police officer Fred Pruitt.
Steven Baker and Adam Southey were taken by ambulance to Harris Methodist-Fort Worth Hospital, said hospital spokeswoman Laura VanHoosier. Both were listed in good condition Wednesday night.
Hunter Harris, Brent Marks and Adam Brown left the scene, uninjured.
A 61-year-old Fort Worth woman was driving southbound on University Drive in a white four-door Cadillac when she swerved from the right lane to the left lane. She drove her car over the curb and hit the students, sophomore marketing major Drew Ingram who saw the accident said.
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Both Fort Worth and TCU Police officials were dispatched to University Drive, Wednesday night after a 61-year-old Fort Worth woman drove her car over the curb and hit five TCU students. Three of the men who were hit walked away from the accident. Two others were transported to Harris Methodist Hospital and were listed in good condition Wednesday night.


The House of Student Representatives donated $1,000 Tuesday to the Arnold Air Society, a group of students from area universities who participate in the TCU Air Force ROTC program.
The brief published in Wednesday’s Skiff incorrectly stated the money was given to Air Force ROTC.

Chapel held in Spanish
Different language used in service for first time
By Heather Christie
Staff Reporter

In an effort to provide students and faculty with the opportunity to “share faith in a global community” University Ministries conducted its first-ever Spanish-speaking service at Robert Carr Chapel, Wednesday.
Even those who did not speak Spanish could appreciate the service, said Chris Stillwell, a Brite student and University Ministries intern.
“It’s not just the words of the service that can (have) meaning, but a great deal is the attitude and the ritual (of the service),” Stillwell said.
Kristi Kolpanen, a freshman computer science major who attends chapel services every week, said she understood a little of the Spanish service.
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Spicy Steps

Caleb Williams/SKIFF STAFF
Irene Buron, a TCU alumna, and Larry Estefan, a coordinator with 4U2C Entertainment, show off their moves at the Salsa Contest in the Student Center Wednesday.

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Denzel has fun being bad in new film
Associated Press

As corrupt Los Angeles police detective Alonzo Harris, Denzel Washington is clearly having a blast in “Training Day.” And the role is so vastly different from the good guys he’s known for playing, it is just as much fun watching him.

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Call to arms
By Aaron Chimbel
Staff Reporter

The war on terrorism will most closely compare to the Vietnam War, said TCU political science professor Ralph Carter who specializes in U.S. foreign policy.
“(U.S.) special operations groups in Vietnam engaged in deep penetration operations,” he said.

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Fear of draft hits close to home
By John-Mark Day
Staff Reporter

Jared Salzman and Jennifer Tidwell are planning a wedding. They’ve set a date, found a church and planned a future. But the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks left them with one more thing to think about — the possibility of a military draft.
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Women battle sterotypes for right to fight
By Jacque Petersell
Staff Reporter

The role of women in combat is a new thought in some Americans’ minds after the recent terrorist attacks and President Bush’s subsequent deployment of troops to the Middle East and call up of 50,000 active reserves.
Lt. Col. James House, a professor of military science, said one of the biggest problems facing women in combat is the social issue.
“Many Americans would not like to see women, rightly or wrongly, (in combat),” he said.

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