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Thursday, October 11, 2001

Women’s soccer team defeats Rice Owls
By Nathan Loewen
Wire Coordinator

The women’s soccer team scored four goals in the second period to roll over the Rice Owls 4-1 Wednesday at Garvey-Rosenthal Soccer Stadium.
The Frogs (6-5, Conference USA 2-2-0) were out-shot 7-6 with only one shot on goal in the first period, but came back in the second half to out-shoot Rice (2-6-0), 15-7, and double their shot total.
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Never too late

Stephanie Hockridge, a freshman pre-major, looks away as Clint Danner, of Carter Blood Care, inserts the needle in her arm, Wednesday. Hosted by Alpha Phi Omega, Carter will accept blood donations today until 7p.m. in the Student Center basement.


Building a community of
support and tolerance

By John Walls
Skiff Staff

At first glance, the gathering of students looks like any regular club. There is a purpose to the meeting, but the serious mode is occasionally broken up by the laughter among some members in between sentences. An observer would think the meeting could be the House of Student Representatives, until a voice shouts across the room, “Stop being such a lesbian,” reminds you that this is not an ordinary meeting.
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All people should be proud on Coming Out Day
By Mandi McReynolds
Skiff Staff

For me, Oct. 11, National Coming Out Day, has become a day of embracing and a day of worrying. The day represents both freedom and oppression.
I love the idea behind Coming Out Day. I love the thought of a day when people can be comfortable in their own skin and feel that the world will love them no matter what they do or who they love. I think those who support Coming Out Day dream of a year it will actually feel like that. We wish those who believe homosexuality is wrong would give those who live it a day to be themselves, be unafraid, be proud and be accepted.
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