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Today in history

1960 — At the United Nations, Soviet Premier Nikita Khruschev went ballistic, taking off his shoe and pounding it on his desk.


Campus Briefs

Iowa Regents consider 19 percent tuition hike

Friday, October 12, 2001

Laureates urge students to work toward peace
By Erin LaMourie
Staff Reporter

Four Nobel Peace Prize Laureates challenged students Thursday to take action toward world peace during the war on terrorism by beginning to address problems of poverty and world hunger.

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U.S. jets strike Afghanistan in daylight
Pakistani officials aknowledge U.S.
military presence for the first time
By Kathy Gannon and Amir Shah
Associated Press

KABUL, Afghanistan — The first daylight raid on the Afghan capital in the 5-day-old U.S.-led air campaign sent shoppers scattering in panic Thursday, jumping on donkey carts and bicycles to flee heavy explosions. In the Taliban stronghold of Kandahar, a hit on a munitions dump set off a series of deafening blasts — and an exodus of civilians toward the Pakistani border.
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Chuck Kennedy/KRT Campus

A woman listens to speakers at a memorial service at the Pentagon Thursday for the military and civilian workers who were killed when a plane hijacked by terrorists crashed into the building last month.


  Arts and Entertainment

Talking with Quentin Tarantino
Director expounds on ‘Iron Monkey’ release and the effects of the attack on movies
By Jack Mathews

Knight Ridder
Normally, when a big-name director agrees to “present” a foreign or obscure art-house movie in order to bring attention to it in the mainstream press, the name is all you see. But in the case of Yuen Wo Ping’s “Iron Monkey,” a 1990 Hong Kong action film that Miramax has retrieved from the video racks for a major theatrical release, the presenter — Quentin Tarantino — couldn’t be more enthusiastic if he’d directed it himself.

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‘Corky’ is glorified cheese, falls short on plot
“Who is Corky?,” the advertisements ask. My question is, who really cares?

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