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Campus Briefs
Thursday, October 25, 2001

TCU Police, university continue drug investigation
By James Zwilling
Staff Reporter

Investigations by Campus Life and TCU Police continued today following the suspensions of three Brachman Hall residents found with drugs in their residence hall rooms Monday, TCU officials said.
TCU Assistant Police Chief J.C. Williams said about four to five ounces of marijuana was obtained as evidence after an administrative inspection was completed by Campus Life.
Mike Russel, associate dean of campus life, said other drugs were found as well, although they had not yet been identified.
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Just Kickin’ it

TCU Soul Steppers show some flavor as they perform a routine in the Student Center lounge Wednesday night.


Sweet treats

David Dunai/Senior Photographer
TCU faculty and staff bring their children to see the sights and collect goodies Wednesday night at the annual Colby Halloween.

Bear market bites TCU endowment
Losses may cause decrease in spending, officials confident in recovery
By John-Mark Day
Staff Reporter

A downturn in the stock market that began in Spring 2000 has vaporized $89 million from the TCU endowment, forcing the university to re-examine investment and spending policies for the coming future.
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A slice of heaven
By Kristin Campbell
Staff Reporter

The Israelites ate a version of it every day for 40 years while they journeyed through the desert. It has formed the main part of the average person’s diet for centuries. Baking companies are solely devoted to its production.
Bread has been a staple food for years and it’s popularity will never die for several reasons. To name a few, bread is the base of the food pyramid and is available in seemingly endless varieties.
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Good bread often influences restaurant choice
By Jaime Walker
Skiff Staff

If it’s possible to have a genetic appreciation for what quality bread adds to the dining experience, I’m sure I got that gene. I blame my grandmother.
Bless her heart, my grandma might hate me for sharing the story we laugh about almost every time we are together, but I’m going to do it anyway.
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