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Friday, November 2, 2001

Modern movements
Dance department to present ‘Moving Forward’ this weekend
By Kristin Campbell
Staff Reporter

TCU dancers can be seen on crutches, on trapezes and being thrown up into the air this weekend at “Moving Forward”, the TCU fall dance concert.
Ballet and modern dance department faculty, two guest artists and a choreographer in residence choreographed the seven pieces which will be performed by ballet and modern dance majors.
Beth Brandt, a junior modern dance major, will perform in “Moving Violations,” a physical piece that incorporates pedestrian movements, dancers being thrown up in the air, crutches and a trapeze. “The dance has humurous elements,” Brandt said. “It is the essence of post-modernism.”
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Dance majors rehearse Thursday for the TCU fall dance concert, “Moving Forward,” which opens at 8 p.m Friday.

Check out jobs
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Paychecks now accessible through CashPay
By Piper Huddleston
Staff Reporter

Murielle Wright, Human Resources benefits specialist, said that by using CashPay, a new payroll option offered through Bank of America, she is able to save time and keep better control of her money.
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Terrorist attacks revitalize interest in ‘smart cards’
By Doug Bedell and Paula Felps
Dallas Morning News

DALLAS (KRT) — The attacks of Sept. 11 have rekindled calls for a national identification card — a “smart card” containing embedded personal information. Although even smart cards can be forged, many see them as an important tool in the fight against terrorists.
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  Arts and Entertainment

Magic for muggles
By Deepti Hajela
Associated Press
Howard Katz, a 75-year-old dentist in Manhattan, can’t wait until mid-November. Neither can 11-year-old Anna Harris in Utah.

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The Strokes

Movie review
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