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Jonathan Kohn is a a Cadet Staff Sergeant. He was incorrectly called a drill sergeant in the Nov. 9 edition.

The date of the SGA elections were incorrectly printed in Friday’s edition. Elections will be Nov. 13, not Nov. 12.


Today in history
1982 -Vietnam Veterans Memorial was dedicated
to salute Americans
who served in the
Vietnam War.




Tuesday, November 13, 2001

Trustees approve renovation plans
By John-Mark Day
Staff Reporter

The Board of Trustees approved a $20 million plan to renovate teaching labs and lecture halls at their fall meeting Friday, Chancellor Michael Ferrari said.

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Intercom proposes student concerns
By John-Mark Day
Staff Reporter

A new focus on student transition out of college and a proposed wellness center will likely come out of last week’s meeting of the Student Relations committee of the Board of Trustees, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Don Mills said Friday.
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Rollin’ with the 5.0
Mike Maloney, a sophomore business and Spanish major, waits for a final passenger on the Froggie-Five-O escort service. Maloney accompanies Alli Kent and Jenny Nicholis, freshmen pre-majors, from Worth Hills to their residence halls.


No participation goals set for Hunger Week
Skiff Staff

University Ministries’ Hunger Week Committee is sponsoring events throughout the week to raise money and increase campus awareness of world hunger, said Austin Dickson, Hunger Week director.

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Purple Poll

Men earn more money than women, experts say


Jet crashes after takeoff, 260 killed
Associated Press

NEW YORK — A jetliner en route to the Dominican Republic broke apart minutes after takeoff and crashed in a waterfront neighborhood Monday, engulfing homes in flames and sowing initial fears of a new terrorist atrocity. All 260 people aboard were killed, and at least six others were reported missing on the ground.
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Candidates campaign for change
Forums give students a chance to question possible SGA leaders
By Kristin Delorantis
Staff Reporter

Improved communication between the Student Government Association and the student body was a common platform expressed by SGA candidates at the forums Friday and Monday.

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