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Wednesday, November 14, 2001

Students elect Hudson by overwhelming majority
Run-off election for House VP scheduled for Thursday between candidates John Billingsley and Abby Crawford
By Kristin Delorantis
Staff Reporter

Chelsea Hudson said the phone rang and her heart dropped. She walked to the phone, knowing the person on the other end would have the results that could change her life forever, she said.

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Power outage frustrates campus
By Jordan Blum
Staff Reporter

Ryan Hahn said he woke up sweating from the muggy heat in his room Tuesday morning and realized the power was out in his residence hall. Then he took a freezing cold shower and watched the groceries in his Micro Fridge go bad.

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Let it flow


A 12-inch main water burst, north of Cantey Street on University Drive, Tuesday afternoon left 12 residences in a nearby neighborhood without water for approximately three hours, said Mary Gugliuzza, public education coordinator for the Fort Worth Water Department.


Purple Poll

Student body to vote on SGA fees, fund disbursal

Administration cuts funding for holiday lights
By Sam Eaton
Staff Reporter

For the past two years, the lights on Sadler Hall have helped welcome in the holiday season, but budget cuts will leave the building dark this December.

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Class takes writing skills off-campus
By Kristin Campbell
Staff Reporter

Cathy Gabor, a graduate student and English instructor, says although the students in her sophomore composition class are frustrated by the different approach she takes to teaching writing, they are also reaping the rewards of their efforts.

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  Skiff 100

‘Golden age’ not too golden

My first real (paid) journalism job was as a staff photographer for The Skiff in 1965 and 1966. I got money instead of credit because I was a psychology major.
But there was another other important benefit. Back then, the Skiff photographer was issued an “Official Car Parking Permit” that allowed access to ANY parking space on campus, including the holiest-of-holies, special, VIP-only lot located immediately behind Sadler Hall.
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In the days when The Skiff wasnÕt quite daily yet and women couldnÕt wear pants on campus, the 1965-1966 Skiff staff was out on campus covering breaking news. The newspaper was published twice a week and was riddled with campus events, issues and even special stories just for female students. But even in the Vietnam War era, the TCU community tackled issues that are familiar to the campus today including tuition hikes, rising enrollment, parking problems and conflict about staff wages.
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