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Tuesday, November 20, 2001

Blown transformer displaces students
By Heather Christie
Staff Reporter

Approximately 120 sorority members either spent Monday night in a hotel or were headed home early for the holidays after power outages forced evacuations of some residence halls.
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Rising insurance costs may force staff cancellations
By Jaime Walker
Skiff Staff

Just after she finished emptying the trash cans on “her floor,” a residential services employee with more than 20 years of experience at TCU fought the urge to pitch the white, 8-by-11 envelope marked “confidential” right into the garbage.
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Today in history
1914 - Photos became
a requirement for folks
who requested passports from the U.S. State Department.

FrogNet overloaded
TCU considering other programs to solve problem
By Erin LaMourie
Staff Reporter

Junior accounting and finance major Whitney Merriman was unable to register for classes for three hours Nov. 9. When she finally was able to log on, all her classes were full. Merriman did not notify anyone of her difficulties.
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Endowment losses force
increased tuition hikes

By Sarah McClellan
Staff Reporter

TCU’s endowment, which is valued at about $900 million, has decreased approximately eight percent as a result of rising inflation and deprecations in the stock markets due in part to the Sept. 11 attacks, said Chancellor Michael Ferrari. The 8 percent loss mirrors the overall loss of the stock market.
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Doctor-prescribed ritalin becomes newest ‘party’ drug
By Martha Irvine
Associated press

She had no idea she had a popular party drug on hand.
To her, the vial of prescription pills she’d once been given to treat attention deficit disorder were just leftovers, until a friend from New York called to ask if she’d mail out a few — just for fun.
The woman, a 29-year-old San Diego resident, didn’t do it. But she and her friends were intrigued.
“We said, ‘We should just try it. It could be fun,’” says the woman who, on the condition that she not be named, told how they partied on the drug once this summer and again in September.
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Too tired to sleep
Lack of sleep results in students suffering in studies and health
By Erin LaMourie
Staff Reporter

Lights off. Total silence. Staring at the computer with eyes barely open.
It’s almost 2 a.m., and Amber Sutor still has many physics problems to finish. Her roommate has been asleep for hours and her own bed is now tempting her, but she knows she must stay awake and finish her homework. She has no choice. She either stays up late finishing it, or falls behind in her classes.
Sutor, a sophomore chemistry major, sacrifices hours of sleep night after night just trying to make the most of every minute of her time. With barely enough hours in the day to get things done, her only choice is to sacrifice sleep.
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