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Tuesday, November 27, 2001

Frogs were down, but not out

“This team could easily have put down their equipment in the locker room and quit for the next two ball games,” head coach Gary Patterson said after the game.
And it’s true. The Frogs could have very easily thrown in the towel, given up on the season and said that there is always next year. Except the team did not do that. They came out and showed Louisville the resolve of the Horned Frogs.

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War takes center stage on news
Brian M. Loux is a columnist for The Tech at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

November 10, 2001: The world’s most populous country, China, was officially admitted to the World Trade Organization after a 15-year battle — a monumental change to the world trading system.
I’m sorry. Did I surprise you? I didn’t mean to — though for the past two weeks the news clip above has dumfounded just about every person to whom I have presented it. And the date is correct: over two weeks ago.

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Letter to the editor

Cloning has benefits
By Niles Stuck

Advanced Cell Technologies (ACT), based out of Worcester, Mass., announced Monday that they have cloned a human embryo. The company is the first to claim to have achieved this breakthrough that could lead to harvesting stem cells or even cloning humans.
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War on drugs needs to be re-evaluated
Government, lawmakers are addicted to making impractical changes to policies
Erik Finkelstein is a columnist for The Daily Free Press at Boston University.

There are only so many wars this country can fight simultaneously. Our War on Terrorism is slowly meeting its objectives in Afghanistan, but if Bush has his way, it is long from over. In many ways, the long-term outlook for this war parallels that of another war this country has fought for the past 20 years: the War on Drugs. Hi-tech search and destroy missions, fanatical millionaires in remote countries and border-defense strategies all sound like elements of our new war, but are also reminiscent images of our very old War on Drugs.
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