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Friday, November 30, 2001 - Last Issue for 2001

Missing lights don’t dim mood
Despite absence of some lights, many attend Tree Lighting
By Sam Eaton
Staff Reporter

Sadler lawn was full of holiday spirit Thursday night at the annual Holiday Tree Lighting, despite being held a day late and not having the traditional lights circling the columns on the front of Sadler Hall.
The lighting was originally scheduled for Wednesday night, but canceled classes moved the lighting to Thursday night.

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Hands-on learning

Charlie Jones, freshman english major, (left) and Clint Roland, freshman pre-major, learn how to assemble an M-16 Rifle Thursday in their classroom.


Looking Back
Photo Essay

  Arts & Entertainment

The good, the bad and the ugly of 2001 entertainment
By David Reese
Skiff Staff

A look back at the past year reveals that the entertainment field of 2001 has been an example of give and take. It has been a record-setting year for movies at the expense of quality. Television experienced a dash of success with new programming and returning series, but it has also lost some shows. Pop music has been losing its stronghold at the top of the charts, making way for more rock artists. Despite the disappointments and shifts, the entertainment field has been prolific enough to release a few outstanding products here and there. Here is a look at the good, the bad and the ugly of 2001.
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‘Behind Enemy Lines’ deemed ‘feel-good’ entertainment for Americans
By Jane Sumner
Dallas Morning News

“Behind Enemy Lines” had been set for wide release on Jan. 18, but, Twentieth Century Fox says, high test screening scores convinced the studio to open it seven weeks early.
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Garth Brooks comes back to country on ‘Scarecrows’
By Julie Ann Matonis
Skiff Staff

Garth Brooks is trying to reclaim an old cowboy hat.
This week, “Scarecrow,” Brooks’ ninth album excluding special compilations and holiday albums, sits atop the music charts. The album is Brooks’ latest material since his 1999 pop music flop, “The Life of Chris Gaines.” It seems Brooks has learned his lesson. Stick with what you do best: country.
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