Friday, April 26, 2002


Incident handled improperly, players say
Officials stand by decision to fully investigate fraud
By Kelly Morris and Jaime Walker
Staff Reporters

Several women’s basketball players say a situation that led to Wednesday’s surrender of sophomore forward Tiffany Evans to authorities on a fraud warrant was mishandled by athletics administrators. They say it could also hurt the program for seasons to come.
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Floating poetry
Tara McGee, a senior ballet major (middle), leaps through the air during the TCU senior Choreography Concert Thursday.
Entertainment Semester Review

Hot summer movies
By Ryan Eloe
Skiff Staff

Read about upcoming movie releases.
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Looking back
This spring featured comings and goings throughout the campus. Whether it was the loss of a coaching legend and a friendly face from the TCU Police or the arrival of Lorne Michaels’ Burly Bear network with “Almost Legal,” this semester brought with it many ups and downs.

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