Friday, February 22, 2002

PHILADELPHIA — Federal authorities kept a close watch on the Liberty Bell on Thursday after receiving a “nonspecific” threat that someone planned to attack it. It was not being closed to tourists, though.
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U. Oklahoma student dies in shooting

High: 80; Low: 45; Partly cloudy

High: 70; Low: 36; Partly cloudy

1630 — Popcorn was introduced to English colonists

1860 — Organized baseball’s first game was played in San Francisco, CA.

1879 — Frank W. Woolworth opened his first 5 and 10-cent store. Woolworth opened in Utica, New York. Sales were disappointing until he moved his operation to Lancaster, Pennsylvania.


Revised CUE draft presented
Curricula changes seen as way to reach consensus
By Brandon Ortiz
Staff Reporter

A revised Common Undergraduate Experience draft was presented Thursday by the Executive Committee to the Faculty Senate in what the document’s framers called a major step toward reaching a consensus among faculty.
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Escort service sees increase
By Alisha Wassenaar
Staff Reporter

TCU police are on heightened alert since a sexual assault occurred Monday in the Bellaire Condominiums on Bellaire Drive, said Pam Christian, the university crime prevention officer.
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Prank under investigation
Skiff Staff

Campus Life officials have initiated university disciplinary procedures against seven students involved in an incident at Milton Daniel Residence Hall late Wednesday night, said Mike Russel, associate dean of Campus Life Thursday afternoon.
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State Department says kidnapped Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl dead
By Marci King
Staff Reporter

The death of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl should serve as a cautionary note to all journalists not to take things for granted or to assume things are proceeding normally, said journalism professor Anantha Babbili Thursday.
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Daniela Munguia/SKIFF STAFF
Peter Thompson, a junior religion and economics major, takes a parachute ride during SuperFrog’s birthday celebration. This event was part of SuperFrog’s 43rd 21st birthday celebration Thursday.


The Review

The vampire queen
“Queen of the Damned” needs more muscle
By Al Brumley
KRT Campus

It’s gotta be rock ‘n’ roll music, if you wanna dance with the Queen of the Damned.
And nothing gets Akasha's sexy belly shakin’ like Lestat’s meager attempt at debbil music.
That’s Lestat as in the band, led by - who else? - the Vampire Lestat, who has been rattled from a 100-year slumber by the wailing of amplified guitars and the promise of god-like worship.
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Future reality collides with

By Ryan Eloe
Skiff Staff

I hope to get married in the near future. My wife and I will have children, get a house and make a life for ourselves. I will make sure my kids are taken care of. My kids will be healthy. They’ll get braces. Wear nice clean clothes. Celebrate birthdays with streamers, cake and presents. I will make sure my kids take swimming lessons. I’ll encourage them in their basketball practices, clarinet lessons and math homework. I will send them off to college, and hope they don’t start doing drugs and dating the wrong type of people.
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“Dragonfly” doesn’t evoke emotions
By Roger Moore
KRT Campus

“Dragonfly” is a weirdly off-putting romantic ghost story that never finds that magical, love-that-transcends-death tone it is aiming for.
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Performer’s life revisited on stage
By John-Mark Day
Skiff Staff

Theatre TCU’s performance of “Red, Hot, and Cole” opens unpretentiously enough, with Jason Lovelady’s waiter escorting pianist Charles Whitehead into a society apartment. Whitehead takes the keys and begins to play the show’s overture as the rest of the cast enters for a party celebrating Cole Porter.
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