Three full-time administrators oversee the student publications operation: the Director of Student Publications, the Production Manager, and the Business Manager. They are responsible for the equipment and overall operation of the department and the training and advising of student personnel. They are your friends and are here to help you.

Student Publications Director

Robert Bohler is Student Publications Director. His office is in Room 293S in the Moudy Building. The director is adviser to the TCU Daily Skiff and Image magazine. He supervises the business and production departments and is responsible for budgeting and planning. The director advises, critiques and suggests. He helps when problems arise in any department, assists in training and is available in the office Monday through Friday and at home any time for consultation. He also teaches a class each semester. Any potential or actual problems involving ethics and legal matters should be referred to the director.

Production Manager

Jeanne Cain Pressler is Production Manager. Her office is in Room 292aS, just off the production department, which is Room 292S. She is in charge of the production equipment and supplies, including the photo department. The production manager supervises the training of the student production staff and advises the staff in the operation and care of the equipment. Problems with production, equipment, or supplies should be referred to her. She is in the department Monday through Thursday afternoons and evenings.

Business Manager

Bitsy Faulk is Business Manager. Her office is in Room 294S. She is in charge of the business operations of the student publications payroll, commissions, expenses and income. She also advises the advertising sales staff. If you have a pay problem, see Bitsy. Ad sales personnel who have problems collecting client accounts should also see Bitsy. She is available Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

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Robert Bohler, Student Publications Director       Bitsy Faulk, Business Manager     Jeanne Cain Pressler, Production Manager